Metering device used for your model car racing enterprise? Not quite; read on

One brief product description refers to this item as a means of entertaining a child. Perhaps, but hands up those of you who will be categorized as grown men or grown women. Quite a few hands go up. That is good. We have something further to talk about, seeing as though we all have something in common. What we have in common is that we love to play with toys. Not our kids’ toys but our own.

What others would refer to as toys for grownups. You find this amongst the hobbyists. Speaking of which, back to the product description then. The item in question is a tympanometer la. This could excite the grownup boys (and girls) who are into model car racing, or something similar, like video games. Anyway, the product description goes as follows. The tympanometer is also known as an audiometer. The description states that this device is designed to ‘test children’.

tympanometer la

It encourages impedance or reflex testing, ipsilateral reflex testing, in the child with a one thousand Hz ‘high frequency tympanometry’ capacity installed. Here is the connection for grownup adults who love model racing cars. The tympanometer utilizes a visual racing car with which to entertain the child. During the child’s tympanometric and audiometric testing, the virtual car is used to hold the child’s attention. Specialist therapists have a choice between a straight tympanometer or an audiometer and tympanometer combination.

Part of the apparatus includes an internal printer. The printer quietly reproduces recorded test results for the therapist. And that, in a brief nutshell, is what a tympanometer is. There may be a racing car to play with but it is not quite the same thing when it comes to the model car racing enterprise, now is it.