The Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction And How They Are Being Addressed

what causes ED

There may well be more, but just for the time being, in this brief note, we mention no more than a handful of causes that commonly or typically lead to erectile dysfunction.  There are other tell tale symptoms well worth mentioning, even if you currently do not have ED (erectile dysfunction) it may well be the trigger of an early warning. And just so you know, particularly if you feel that you have suffered from time to time, there is a long term cure for ED.

But the beauty of it is that you would not need to go under the surgical knife, nor would you have to swallow any of those magic pills which can be bought under prescription or illicitly. As to what causes ED, and perhaps even surprisingly, given what was just said, excessive use of prescription medications could cause erectile dysfunction. You may not have had a good day at the office. Feeling stressed and rather tired, you decided to let off steam with the boys.

The unwarranted shop talk may have led to one too many and you may even have found yourself uncharacteristically smoking. It would not have mattered anyhow because due to the overwhelmingly stressful day, you were in no mood to charm the lady. Naturally, excessive smoking and drinking on a regular basis can lead to prolonged erectile dysfunction. Obesity is also a known cause of ED. It can also lead to heart disease and diabetes.

And each in its turn, heart disease and diabetes causes erectile dysfunction.  Closer to home, men who have begun to experience problems with their prostate, or suffer from what is known as performance anxiety, will also suffer from ED. Finally, non-surgical, safe and natural treatments are the way forward for ED sufferers.