The Importance of Medical Marijuana

In the past, not so long ago, marijuana (cannabis) was vilified as a terrible, psychosis inducing “gateway drug” what would lead to violence and massive addictions across the board. In fact, governments all around the world, but especially the United States, use massive propaganda to delude the public into thinking this was true. In the end, all this did was put more people in prison for non-violent marijuana crimes than people who had committed violent crimes.

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After a good period of effort from activist groups, medical groups, and individuals with disabilities, the face of marijuana started to change. Once Colorado picked it up as a legal medical prescription, the country is now taking a new look at the issue and the news is good. Many states still do not allow even medical use, but medical marijuana clinics in florida are becoming more proliferate and doctors are pleased.

There is a difference between basic medical legality and total medical legality. Florida allows for low-THC varieties of marijuana to be prescribed for pain, seizures, migraines, and a number of other conditions. This situation keeps the “high” on the low end while preserving most of the medical benefits. Users find this medical marijuana to be very helpful at treating their disorders when conventional treatments have failed.

For more extreme cases, such as terminal illness, the high THC varieties of cannabis can be prescribed if two or more doctors agree on it. With terminal diseases, there is usually an agreement to move forward with the best of the best from local medical dispensaries.

This bodes well for future availability of medical cannabis in Florida. For now, it seems it is still rather restricted. It is compared to other states. Hopefully, this will change over the years to come and full access will be allowed to all varieties of marijuana for medical purposes.